The Photography of Patrick Allen Mohn

Patrick Mohn, Pecos Wilderness
Photo by Elijah Mohn

I became interested in photography in 1969 while living on Manhattan. A friend told me about a good deal on a Pentax Spotmatic at a pawn shop. I was working as a cab driver at the time, so, having some money, I bought the camera, an extra lens, and became an amateur photographer.

In 1996 I decided to make my photography into a business. I began to discover a somewhat different world of photography, the world of the professional photographer.

My wife, Dorothy and our children have been very supportive of this endeavor. One of our sons, Elijah, decided to be particularly helpful. He has gone into the field with me on many occasions. We have often camped out together. Elijah quickly developed a strong interest of his own in photography, which was fortunate because of his natural talent. We put together several joint exhibits. Elijah eventually graduated from the University of New Mexico with a minor in Fine Arts. Some of his photographs are displayed on this website.

I work with professional slide film, primarily Fuji Velvia. Some of my portraiture is done with print film, usually Fuji Reala or other Fuji films. I do not use digital capture.

Editors and Publishers

I am a photographer and writer and I am happy to submit articles to accompany photographs. Scans of the images on this website, as well as other images in my files, are available for publication and can be provided to your specifications. Original slides may also be provided when solicited for one time use.


I print with Epson Ultrachrome pigment-based inks which are archival for one hundred years or more, on Epson printers that make the sharpest prints available.

Because my slides tend to be correctly exposed, my need for the digital darkroom is minimal, but I enjoy using it with a scanned image when necessary to correctly represent the appearance of the transparency and what I saw on location. I have experience in the traditional darkroom and restrict my use of the digital darkroom to techniques that correlate to the traditional techniques.

I offer both un-mounted prints and mounted prints. Un-mounted prints are signed by me on an unprinted portion of the photo paper and shipped to you by Priority Mail. 4" x 6" and 7¼" x 11" prints come protected inside a photo envelope; larger prints are rolled in a mailing tube. They are ready to be taken to the frame shop of your choice.

Note: 1" = 2.54 cm

Mounted prints come with double mats made from Rising Antique White Museum Board. I mount prints on acid-free foam core. I sign the print, (this signature will be located under the mat), and I place a signature in pencil on the lower-right portion of the inner mat. On the back of each foam core you will also find my signature, as well as the title of the image and the date and location of the exposure. All mounted, matted photographs are placed inside crystal clear, sealed bags, then packaged and mailed. Mounted prints may be displayed in their Crystal Clear sealed bags, but I recommend that they be placed under glass in an appropriate size frame.

Every print, mounted or un-mounted, comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that also includes information about the print, including the title, and the date and location of the exposure. Prints are guaranteed to arrive to you without defect.

Prints should never be displayed in direct sunlight.


Evening and Morning of the First Day; Mountainscapes in Cibachrome - March 28, 1997
Enchanted Gallery of the Echos, 820 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe NM (joint exhibit with Elijah Mohn)

Children of Northeastern Brazil; Body, Soul and Homeland - June 12, 1998
Galeria de Artesanos Locales, Village of Cerrillos NM (joint exhibit with Elijah Mohn)

Mountainscapes, Wilderness, Wildlife and People - March 3, 1999
Ragin' Shrimp Restaurant, 3617 Copper NE, Albuquerque NM (joint exhibit with Elijah Mohn)

Images of Earth - June 29, 2000
Ragin' Shrimp Restaurant, Montgomery, Albuquerque NM (joint exhibit with Elijah Mohn)

Children of Northeastern Brazil; Body Soul and Homeland - September, 2000
Bank of Santa Fe Gallery, Main Branch, 241 Washington Ave., Santa Fe NM (joint exhibit with Elijah Mohn)

The Chimayo Youth Conservation Corps at The Cerrillos Hills Historic Park - March 6, 2004
Johnsons of Madrid Galleries of Fine & Fiber Art, Madrid, NM

The Chimayo Youth Conservation Corps at The Cerrillos Hills Historic Park - April, 2005
The Onate Center, Alcalde, NM

The Land of Enchantment; Desertscapes and Wildflowers - June, 2006
Johnsons of Madrid Galleries of Fine & Fiber Art, Madrid, NM


Children of Northeastern Brazil: Body Soul and Homeland
A fifty-nine minute documentary

Publication Credits

The Santa Fean - March, 2000

New Mexico Magazine

- December, 2004

- March, 2005

- July, 2005

- June, 2006

Cover photo for the book
Gold of the Ortiz Mountains, a Story of New Mexico and the West's First Major Gold Rush
by William Baxter. Lone Butte Press, 2004

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